Creating virtual hosts in XAMPP

If you do not want to keep your files in the xampp/htdocs directory and type in a long URL for every page load, you can create virtual hosts for each of your sites instead. For example, you may like to keep all your sites in your My Documents folder for easy backup. Or you could create a root directory on your hard drive such as c:/sites/example/ which will make using shell commands easier. Wherever you choose to store your sites, you can always easily move them at a later date. Continue reading


PDO Statement in PHP5

PHP Data Objects (PDO) Step By Step Tutorial – Part 7: Do you ever hear about prepared statements? If you ever work with other tool such visual studio, may be you use prepare statement. PHP Extension for MySQL and SQLite don’t offer this functionality. Ok, I will show a sample. I believe, from that sample you will understand what is prepare statement. Continue reading

The Singleton Object-Oriented Pattern

Sometimes it’s important to have only one instance for a class. For example, in a system there should be only one window manager (or only a file system or only a print spooler). Usually singletons are used for centralized management of internal or external resources and they provide a global point of access to themselves. Continue reading

Having URNES for Avinash Tanoojee at Primary and Secondary schools in Mauritius; making an appeal to the GTU Mauritius Educators Forum through Facebook

Having URNES for Avinash Tanoojee at Primary and Secondary schools in Mauritius; makign an appeal to the GTU Mauritius Educators Forum thrugh Facebook.

Thanks for support my friends

It’s a terrible thing happening to this boy fighting for his life and it would be a good thing to reflect the generosity of all mauritians, youth and elders alike, in making this happen, I’m sure there’ll be no objection to this act of open-source generosity, this uncomparable act of kindness from all the members of the GTU Mauritius Educators Forum here on Facebook already doing a great job and now open for even a larger one, thank you Mashoodah Khodabocus and Gassen Murugan

Help this child Avinash Tanoojee, 7 years old Mauritian now in Reunion Island

Help this child Avinash Tanoojee, 7 years old Mauritian now in Reunion Island.

We also have a facebook group, so please share and like and donate if possible, more details on the wordpress blog.


Little Avinash Tanoojee, son of Mr Sanjiv Tanoojee residing at Petit Verger, suffers from ‘Acute Leukaemia’ (Lymphoma Cancer)

The current treatment, unavailable in Mauritius, is being carried out at the “Centre Hospitalier Régional Félix Guyon”, St Denis, Reunion.

The cost amounts at 25,368 euro per month and a remaining treatment of 9 months is needed.

A donation box will be available in front of the cafeteria for donations.

A semi professional photographer will be present, offering his services to those willing to get good digital pictures at only Rs 25. Pictures will be forwarded to your email address. Total amount collected will be donated to this cause.



For those wanting to donate but can’t make it or for any other reasons:

Avinash Tanoojee
A/C 002 101 001 558 09

Sanjiv Tanoojee
A/C 000 441 342 108